Yoga For Athletes In Atlanta

“There Will Always Be Someone Better Than You.
Just Use the Tools You Have Been Given to Maximize Your Potential and You Will Realize No One Can Beat You But Yourself.”



Infinity Yoga is absolutely devoted to endurance athletes. The only yoga studio in Atlanta to devote regularly scheduled classes to runners, cyclists, and endurance athletes. Offering classes to athletes of all levels from competitive track athletes to ultrarunners, triathletes, swimmers, crossfitters, and active lifestyle enthusiasts, Infinity gives you the tools you need to live pain free and perform at your highest level.

Yoga For Athletes in Atlanta

Yoga For Athletes at Infinity Yoga

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Are you an endurance athlete or looking to get into running, cycling, or triathlon?  Infinity Yoga's owner, Matt Shechtman, has been racing at an elite level for the last ten years, from semi-professional cycling, elite running, and triathlon.  Matt has been coaching runners, cyclists, and triathletes from beginners to elite for the last six years.

  • Just looking to finish - looking to move up from a 5k to a half marathon, or to finish your first big race?  No problem.
  • Taking it to the Next Level - No problem finishing, but looking to be competitive at the next level, we've got the experience to take you there.
  • Coming Back from Injury - If you're getting tired of being sidelined by injury, we can work together on getting you back safely and strong.
  • Palmares to prove it - Too many race wins to count, top 10 overall finishes at major ultra marathons (50k and 50milers), top 5 overall finishes at Ironman branded events with 3000+ athletes, multiple time Boston Marathon Finisher - 2:47 Marathon PR, 1:16 Half Marathon, 4:13 Half Ironman, 16min 5k.
  • Competitive Pricing - Many different plans for every type of athlete and budget. 

In connection with Georgia Sports Chiropractic and countless feedback from the endurance community, Yoga for Runners was born. Shortly thereafter, Yoga for Cyclists and Athletes arrived and athletes of all backgrounds have come to Infinity to enhance their mobility, flexibility and learn how to optimize performance through dynamic yoga built just for endurance athletes.

We utilize straps, foam rollers, dynamic vinyasa flow, and yoga asana designed for feet, lower legs, knees, quads and hamstrings, hips, glutes, core and back. The benefits of yoga as a rest day practice and pre/post-exercise dynamic warmup/cooldown are unparalleled:

  • Improved Core and Functional Strength - Power comes from your trunk and serves as the platform for your legs and torso to work.
  • Balance - Not just standing on one leg, but correcting body imbalances that lead to injury.
  • Mobility and Flexibility - Providing extended range of motion and lengthening shortened muscles prone to injury and underdeveloped for proper stride length.
  • Breathing Techniques - Expanded lung capacity and aerobic efficiency.
  • Mental Control - Not just meditation techniques, but focused breathing and mind focus are key to training and racing at a higher level.


“The Race is Not Always to the Swift,
but to those who have the ability to keep on Going...”



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