Private Yoga Lessons In Atlanta

Don't be intimidated! about 1/3 of our members have used one on one instruction
to learn the basics or take their practice to the next level!!

Why Choose Infinity For Your Private Instruction Needs?


  • The most experienced private instructors in Atlanta. Our teachers have taught thousands of private sessions.
  • We personalize each session to your specific goals, needs, & limitations. Educated and individualized instruction is the key to a lifetime of injury free yoga.
  • Use our beautiful private space dedicated to individual instruction, or let us come to you in the comfort of your home.
  • Your development is never limited to the studio. Let us prepare a home practice program for you, and utilize our unlimited phone and email contact policy. We are always right at your fingertips.

Private Instruction is Probably Right for You If:


  • You are just getting started with yoga.
  • You have concerns about previous injuries or recovering from illness.
  • You are pregnant and would like to learn asana modifications.
  • You are looking to overcome plateaus in your practice.


"No one is wise by birth, for wisdom results from one own's efforts" - T. Krishnamacharya



5 Session
Jumpstart Program


Perfect for beginners or getting back into yoga after an extended hiatus.

We personalize five sessions just for you - designed to give you the tools to practice safely and effectively.

Unlimited phone and email access to your instructor over the course of your sessions to answer your questions, and help guide you through your development.


Reiki Sessions


Reiki is universal life-force energy, a method of therapeutic touch to help engage the body's own self-healing, balacing energy systems, and reducing stress!

During a 60 minute session you relax and let your brain fall into an alpha state similar to that during meditation or right before falling asleep while the practitioner directs the energy to flow around you!

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10 Session
Development Program


Already have some experience, and looking to expand your practice to dive deeper? Have you plateaued and need a little know-how to take you to the next level?

We will develop and assist you through ten personalized sessions based on our initial meeting and subsequent sessions.

Unlimited phone & email access over the course of your sessions to answer your questions and guide you through your development.


Prenatal Consult


If you are pregnant and want to make sure that you are doing everything right with the appropriate modifications, adjustments, and know how to safely, effectively and enjoyably practice yoga while pregnant, then sign up for a prenatal consult!

The intimacy and safety of a private session without the cost, we steeply discount these consults so you can be comfortable and safe practicing with us!

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Brand new and want some tips? Already an experienced yoga practitioner, but really just can't seem to get into handstand? Having trouble with crow pose? Maybe your lower back or hip mobility is off-kilter and you need focused alignment work. This is for you!

Take lessons one at a time as you can fit into your schedule, just give us 24 hours notice and we will get you set up!


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