Pricing Of Our Yoga Classes in Atlanta

"I love the feeling of connection and community. The staff and instructors really care and want to service the students' individual needs. This sets Infinity apart from every other studio. It's called Authenticity."


New Student Special
2 Weeks Unlimited!


Hands Down The Best New Student Pricing in Atlanta!


* Please note that new student intro offers are only available once - each student gets their choice of 2 weeks for $20, first month free, or if we happen to be running another online intro offer through a third party, the applicable intro offer - but please do not sign up for more than one!

New Student
Unlimited Membership

First Month FREE

then $99.00/mo

FIRST MONTH FREE (for new students only)!

Includes 20% off all retail and workshops!

3 month commitment after your first free month, continues thereafter until suspended or canceled.

No Initiation fee, no cancellation fee, no nonsense - suspend any time.



1 Year Unlimited


Example cost per class

3 classes/week - $6.40/class

4 classes/week - $4.80/class


Monthly Membership Unlimited



Example cost per class

3 classes/week - $8.25/class

4 classes/week - $6.19/class


Family Monthly Membership Unlimited

$175 for 2

(inquire about 3+)

Example cost per class

3 classes/week - $7.29/class

4 classes/week - $5.46/class


Mini Monthly Membership


6 Classes Per Month - $9.83 per class
*Renews monthly



Benefits and Details of Membership Options


  • 20% off workshops
  • 20% off retail
  • No initiation fee, no cancellation fee, no nonsense - suspend at any time due to travel, illness, injury, please just let us know in advance!
  • Each membership requires a 3 month commitment - after your first 3 months, you are free to cancel at any time. We only require 24 hours notice before your next billing cycle - call, email, or message us.
  • Each membership (except the annual membership) auto-renews on the same day each month.

*class packages do not expire - you paid for them, you get to use them

Drop In



10 Class Package




Gift Certificates

Can be purchased for any amount


20 Class Package


(can be shared)


Contact us to add a second person to the package


Some Tips for Classes and Reservations!


  • Please arrive at least five minutes before class. We will admit waitlisted students immediately at the scheduled class time so please arrive promptly or call ahead to let us know you're running a few minutes late.
  • Please sign up for class in advance if you would like to reserve your spot! The midweek 6pm classes get very busy, so please pre-register.
  • Please note that we do not provide refunds after classes have been processed or memberships have been auto-renewed! 
  • LATE CANCEL/NO SHOW POLICY - We will NEVER charge you or deduct a class from your account if you miss class or late cancel (w/in 4 hours of class time, but please note that our waitlist windows are changed to 18 hours for holiday and special classes) UNLESS that class is full. For students with class packs, we will just apply your class, for unlimited students, we will apply a $6 charge for late cancels and a $12 charge for a missed class.
  • WAITLISTS:  Please note that as a waitlisted student you will only be charged for a no-show late cancel if you are added to class more than 4 hours before class time. If you are added to class with more than 4 hours advance notice you are expected to attend or cancel class to let others in off the waitlist. Thank you!!!
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