Atlanta Yoga Classes

“Remember the Emphasis on the Heart. The Mind Lives in Doubt and the Heart Lives in Trust. When you Trust, Suddenly you become Centered.” Osho


Never Done Yoga? Want Something a Bit Easier?
These Classes are Perfect!



Never done yoga? No problem! This class is for you. Learn the fundamental poses and technique of "vinyasa." In this tutorial based class, we will go slow with the opportunity for questions. Gain the confidence and skills to branch out into our all-levels classes. Class temperature is 75-78.


Yoga Basics

A slow paced class, designed as a class focused on alignment and adjustments for foundational poses.  Also perfectly aligned as the next step past "Beginners", to continue to introduce the foundational elements of yoga. Perfect for anyone looking to continue to hone their new practice (and perfectly suitable if you haven't been to our beginners class yet too!) and excellent for rehabilitation, recovery, or just not feeling up to a power flow on a given day!  Class temperature is 75-78.  Jennifer Smith's Basics class on Wednesday mornings is a bit more challenging, so be prepared for Basics+!



Restorative Yoga is a slow all-levels class designed to balance an active practice or decompress after a stressful day. Using props, postures are held for a longer period of time to initiate a deep relaxation of the body and mind. Classroom temperature is 75-78.


Yoga for Athletes/Runners

This class is a cross training class for athletes to help improve strength, flexibility, recovery, stability and a strong mental focus. You don't have to be an endurance athlete to get a lot out of this class! All-levels welcome! Classroom is not heated.

Ready to Move Beyond the Basics?
Try These Foundational Yoga Classes!


Morning Flow

Start the day off right! This class all-levels class is designed to wake up and energize the body. We will salute the sun with a complete practice: the linking of breath and movement, forward bending and back bending, a bit of strength work, and a mild inversion. Feel the benefits of the practice tangibly in terms of energy, alertness, and increased range of motion at the beginning of the day! Classroom is not heated.


Warm Deep Stretch (Yin Yoga)

Long holds, deep stretches, find deeper layers of your being in this Warm Yin class. Expect to hold poses for 2-4 minutes to deepen flexibility in the muscles, connective tissue, and joints.  Great for anyone looking to improve flexibility, both physically and mentally! Temperature is 85-90 degrees.


Foundational Flow

Foundational Flow is the bridge between Basics and Infinity Flow. This class allows each student to flow thru a series of moderately challenging poses. Each series has been created to work through lines in the body building strength, flexibility, and endurance. Classroom is not heated. Jennifer Smith's FF class is a bit more challenging so come prepared to work on the foundations to more advanced postures!


Form and Flow

This class aims to cultivate and hone your practice. Expect challenge, humor, growth, and grace as a lovely midday break from work.  A little bit of flow, a lot of alignment and refinement - join us! Classroom is not heated.


Flow and Meditation

In this all-levels class, we will move through 40 minutes of flowing yoga postures, followed by a guided meditation and/or yoga nidra. Here in a comfortable environment, you will receive the tools to find, practice, and feel the benefits of meditation and yoga nidra. Classroom temperature is 75-78.



Curious about yoga philosophy? Still want to move your body? This is the class for you! We will dive deeper into the yoga sutras, myths and legends, pranayama, all tied into a complete flowing practice. This class is well-suited for all-levels, but some knowledge of sun salutations and basic postures is recommended. Classroom temperature is unheated; 75-78 degrees.



This class is appropriate for all levels – beginners to intermediate. Iyengar yoga focuses on one pose at a time, providing detailed instruction on alignment. Additionally, students will learn how to use props to effectively modify poses for injuries or limitations. Classroom is not heated.

Warm Yoga Stretch

Renew with this dynamic, fluid stretch yoga practice designed to melt away stress and tension as well as increase flexibility. Classes focus on breath centric movement, warm up with standing poses, longer holds, and ending with therapeutic seated poses in a slightly warm room at about 78-82 degrees. Designed for all levels of practitioner.

Get Moving - You'll Work a Bit Harder in These Classes!


Infinity Flow

Powerful dynamic flowing sequences with music! Many skill levels come to this class so many options are given, however knowledge of sun salutations and solid all around fitness is recommended. Be prepared to sweat and have fun! Classroom temperature is WARM (between 82-87 degrees).

Are you looking for an extra-dynamic and challenging flow?  Please join us for Sharon Caplan's class; you will work HARD and the class temperature peaks around 90 degrees!


Power to the Core

This class will focus on the core strength activating the deep core line of our body and learning to keep the outer body soft and flexible. Learn to find effort in grounding down through our foundation while drawing the core in and up.  This class is WARM (between 82-87.)


Heated Vinyasa

"Hot Yoga" - This is a dynamic flowing sequence of diverse poses in a room heated to 90-95 degrees. Some vinyasa experience necessary.  All levels, but not recommended for brand-new beginners.


Universal Yoga

Universal Yoga - developed by Ukrainian yogi Andrey Lappa - is a dynamic practice with unique qualities not found in other styles of yoga. Some of the elements unique to the style we will be exploring in this class include: asanas for the arms and shoulders; turns on the mat; and different kinds of vinyasa (belly up, belly down, side down, chakra, and transit). Asanas are linked seamlessly with turns forward and backward on the mat. While the class is intended to be challenging, modifications, alternatives and options are offered to accommodate all levels. Classroom temperature is WARM (between 82-87 degrees).


Pilates Yoga Fusion Flow

Pilates Yoga Fusion provides a challenging practice that will strengthen, stretch and tone your entire body. This heated, energizing practice combines the two mind-body formats in one so you can reap the benefits of greater strength, flexibility and peace of mind. Classroom temperature is WARM (between 82-87 degrees).


Advanced Flow

Get ready to sweat! This is a powerful flowing vinyasa class. No two classes are alike. Learn arm balances and deep backbends. Some vinyasa yoga experience is recommended. Classroom temperature is WARM (between 82-87.)


Ashtanga - Primary

When you’re ready for the full Ashtanga experience, this is the class for you. This is a dynamic and challenging sequence that opens new dimensions of the mind-body-breath connection. You will practice call-and-response opening and closing mantras and hear traditional Sanskrit counting and names of poses.  Yoga experience is highly recommended.