Julia Smith

I began my career as a student athlete in high school and college. Running was my passion. I excelled in this sport and had a small yet dedicated coaching staff and great teammates and friends. Through the years, I have embraced and relished the freedom running has given me. Regardless of the amount of time I have been able to devote on a daily basis, I feel it has given me balance.
Working, parenting, maintaining my marriage and all of the other usual and incredible challenges that present themselves daily have been managed by giving myself this time to just breathe. Six years ago I added yoga and swimming to my routine to give myself variety and recovery from running. I found that both of these added another element of mental, spiritual and physical balance. I began practicing yoga at a yoga studio and signed up for Yoga Teacher Training.
Wow, “my eyes” were opened and my curiosity piqued. This, combined with a writing / drawing journal I began to keep daily generated more thought and appreciation for the beauty and opportunity laid out before me each day. A more peaceful presence has been the result. I have always enjoyed art and athletics and am cultivating a career transition over the next couple of years. Yoga and yogic philosophy…I feel compelled to share with others! What a wonderful effect it has had on my life and those close to me. I love being a student…there’s something new to discover daily by opening your heart. Healthy eating and cooking are daily indulgences as well and I am figuring out how I am going to fold this into my developing career. A holistic health coach is my aim and I am heading there each day.

Julia Smith is currently not instructing any classes.