Makayla Greathouse

Makayla began to explore her relationship with yoga in early 2015. She lives an active lifestyle and wanted to add another dimension to her practices. It didn't take long for yoga to become her central interest. She was attracted to the grounding nature of yoga and the sense of peace and purpose she left her mat with every day. Motivated to by her passion to teach and desire to share with others an experience to build a relationship with oneself, she graduated from Infinity Yoga Teacher Training in 2016. Makayla brings a peaceful, but challenging element to her classes and strives to help every student fall in love with yoga the way she so quickly did.


Makayla also works in Human Resources at a CPA firm. Her favorite activities include hiking, traveling and spending time with her pup.


"Dare to be free, dare to go as far as your thoughts lead and dare to carry that out in your life." -Swami Vivekananda

Makayla Greathouse instructs the following:
  • Power to the Core
  • This class will focus on the core strength activating the deep core line of our body and learning to keep the outer body soft and flexible. Learn to find effort in grounding down through our foundation while drawing the core in and up.  This class is WARM (between 82-87.)

  • Morning Flow
  • Start the day off right! This all-levels class is designed to wake up and energize the body. We will salute sun with a complete practice: the linking of breath and movement, forward bending and back bending, a bit of strength work, and a mild inversion. Feel the benefits of the practice tangibly in terms of energy, alertness, and increased range of motion at the beginning of the day! Classroom is not heated.