Marie Bilthouse

Marie developed a steady yoga practice in 2006 primarily to aid in the healing of previous injuries. While the physical healing properties were a major plus, what kept Marie coming back were the meditative qualities of a regular yoga practice. It was in the studio that she felt the most present and centered and was able to carry some of this with her off of the mat and into her day job as a Marketing Manager in the corporate world. In 2014 Marie felt a dramatic shift internally and suddenly the spiritual, emotional and physical effects of yoga were beyond profound. So profound that she chose to quit her job in the corporate world and pursue a role sharing with others what she feels very strongly is not a hobby, but a way of life and completed her 200 hour RYT with John Merideth. On the mat and as a teacher, Marie strikes a balance between pushing both herself and her students past their self imposed limitations as well as maintaining a playful and lighthearted attitude.

Outside of the studio, Marie is very heavily involved with various local nonprofit organizations. As an Atlanta native, she feels strongly about giving back to her community where she is able. Marie can also be found riding bikes with her husband, hiking with her 2 dogs Charlie & George, frolicking in the park, etc. Pretty much anything outdoors related rain or shine will speak to her soul. Marie appreciates a good thunderstorm as well as a sunny day and will always strive to find the beauty in both (literally and figuratively).

Marie Bilthouse is currently not instructing any classes.