Jessica Taylor

Jessica grew up in Georgia and as an only child was quite shy and introverted, but also had an active imagination and a love of dance and creating art. While her heart always pulled her to the artistic, her mind pulled her to scientific and she eventually graduated with a Doctorate of Pharmacy from UGA.
It soon became clear to her that passions can only be dimmed for so long and yoga reawakened her creative side and her zest for life. This practice has the ability not only to build more physical strength, but in her eyes, more importantly, emotional and mental as well. Yoga practice is a safe place to cry, to sweat, to delve inside, and to essentially let it all out. She loved it so much that she underwent an intense eight month 200 hour teacher training under John Merideth in 2013 that helped break her out of her shell.
The practice is not always easy, but it does have an amazing power to transform. There are so many lessons we can take from our yoga practice and apply to benefit us off the mat and those little nuggets are what she hopes to share with her students. Her training was primarily based in Ashtanga roots, but you can also catch her leading yin deep stretch classes and vinyasa flows. She believes life shouldn’t always be so serious, we’ve got one shot at it in this form, so make the most of it, go for it, but don’t forget to laugh and be a little goofy along the way-and she hopes to always impart those qualities when she leads (often in crazy yoga pants and bright colors : )).

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”
― Martha Graham

Jessica Taylor instructs the following:
  • Infinity Flow
  • Powerful dynamic flowing sequences with music! Many skill levels come to this class so many options are given, however knowledge of sun salutations and solid all around fitness is recommended for this class. Be prepared to sweat and have fun! Classroom temperature is WARM (between 82-87 degrees).
    If you are looking for an extra dynamic and challenging flow, please join us for Sharon Caplan's class.  You will work HARD and the class temperature peaks around 90 degrees!

  • Restorative Yoga
  • Restorative Yoga is a slow all-levels class designed to balance an active practice or decompress after a stressful day. Using props, postures are held for a longer period of time to initiate a deep relaxation of the body and mind. Classroom is not heated. 

  • Foundational Flow
  • Foundational Flow is the bridge between Basics and Infinity Flow. This class allows each student to flow thru a series of moderately challenging poses. Each series has been created to work through lines in the body building strength, flexibility, and endurance. Classroom is not heated.

  • Yoga Basics
  • A slow paced class, designed as a class focused on alignment and adjustments for foundational poses.  Also perfectly aligned as the next step past "Beginners", to continue to introduce the foundational elements of yoga. Perfect for anyone looking to continue to hone their new practice (and perfectly suitable if you haven't been to our beginners class yet too!) and excellent for rehabilitation, recovery, or just not feeling up to a power flow on a given day!  All levels welcome. Classroom is not heated.

  • Flow & Meditation
  • In this all-levels class, we will move thru 40 minutes of flowing yoga postures, followed by a guided meditation and/or yoga nidra. Here in a comfortable environment, you will receive the tools to find, practice, and feel the benefits of meditation and yoga nidra. Classroom temperature is 75-78.