Matt Shechtman

Matt has been teaching and coaching athletes for almost a decade.  As a former full-time road cyclist and current elite runner, Matt was introduced to yoga through his wife and partner, Becky Nickerson.  
Realizing the potential injury prevention and recovery benefits of yoga incorporated into a regular fitness routine, Matt completed his 200hr RYT teaching certification to help convey the benefits of yoga to athletes of all varieties.  
Outside of the physical benefits of yoga, as a former corporate attorney, Matt has seen the wide range of holistic health benefits to yoga for those with high stress jobs or extensive life and family commitments.  He believes there is no one-size-fits all approach to yoga, nor to life, but through the right teachers and mentorship, yoga can make anyone's life a bit better.
"When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside cannot hurt you." African Proverb

Matt Shechtman is currently not instructing any classes.