Todd Duncan

Todd's path to yoga involved much happenstance and fate. Decades of athleticism left Todd quite strong but extremely inflexible, unable to even tuch his toes. In 2000 a friend challenged him to a yoga class to which he reluctantly accepted (thinking yoga was only for the flexible). "Surely if I can't touch my toes then I can't do yoga." Todd's first taste of savasana at the end of class opened his heart to feelings and energies he'd never felt before. He dove into the practice of yoga as he began to experience his body in a whole new way. Hundreds of forward folds later his hands finally reached the floor.

Without ever having the intention of teaching he received his 200 hour yoga training certificate in 2003 marking the beginning of an even grander spiritual journey. He spent the next 9 months traveling throughout the country exploring the landscape, people, and styles of yoga. Upon his return to Atlanta his greatest desire was to share his life experiences through yoga - to give back to the community.


In the last few years Todd has learned partner and aerial acrobatics, acroyoga, and thai massage in addition to completing an advanced 500 hour yoga training. Todd brings to his teaching a wealth of personal and professional experiences, inspiring his students' minds and bodies with his intuitive teaching style. He brings a warm nurturance, a sensitive touch, and the inspiration for his students to achieve anything!

Words of Wisdom: “I honor the place in you where, when you are in that place, and I am in that place, there is only one of us.” -Ghandi

Todd Duncan instructs the following:
  • Form & Flow
  • This class aims to cultivate and hone your practice. Expect challenge, humor, growth, and grace as a lovely midday break from work.  A little bit of flow, a lot of alignment and refinement - join us! Classroom is not heated.