Reiki Level 2 Training

This class is taught by:

Jessica Calderon

Jessica, a native New Yorker, fell in love with yoga several years ago and has since enjoyed deepening her practice and sharing her knowledge. Aside from her love of yoga, Jessica is also a certified Health & Lifestyle Coach and Intuitive Reiki Practitioner. Her love of art, health and healing made yoga a natural fit. Jessica has practiced yoga extensively since 2005. After 5 years of a dedicated personal practice she went through a teacher training and earned her 200-hour certification in NY.

Jessica’s mission is to help bring flexibility and increased awareness of mind and body. Allowing students to let go and have the opportunity to connect with their own goodness as they enjoy healing through relaxation, focus through breath and movement and letting go through flexibility.

Jessica has a passion for teaching but is always a student at heart. She offers sequences that will challenge you, inspire you and keep your heart open. Her concentration on alignment and connection with the breath is a key element in her classes to connect with your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies on a deeper level. She embraces healing with her warm and inviting nature as she guides her students on the pathway to health through use of asana, intention, energy work and breath. Jessica uses music to set the mood and create a warm, fun-loving class.


Quote: ”I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the Highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together for unity and love.” ~ Gandhi

Date: Saturday, 3/25/2017 or Saturday, 4/29/2017 (separate sessions, you choose one or the other, not both)
Time: 5pm-9pm
Location: Infinity Yoga Brookhaven

Price: $175

Usui Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a method of therapeutic touch developed in Japan. This form of healing therapy is a wonderful holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. It works directly on the energy field surrounding your body as well as "prana" or life-force flowing internally. Reiki helps clear the energy centers restoring a more harmonious flow and engaging the bodies own natural ability to heal and restore for optimal functionality.

During this Usui Reiki II Training, you will expand your knowledge and understanding from Reiki I and learn the symbols of Reiki II and their usage during healing sessions.

This course can be used as a way of enhancing personal growth and to work on any imbalances within yourself or other individuals.

In Reiki II, there is a 6 month emotional detox so to perform Reiki on yourself as often as possible is beneficial.
During the course you you will receive handouts to take home.

Benefits of the Course:
Review Reiki I briefly

Practice meditations and learn how to create a personal practice to improve your energy and healing capabilities

Experience hands-on Reiki healing touch to others

Techniques for protecting your own energy in your daily life
Guided meditation + techniques to help you access your intuition

Explore the different Reiki Symbols

Discover methods for performing Reiki from a distance

Practice using the Reiki symbols for power, release and to connect with your insightful self

Receive Level II attunements

Upon completion of the course, each person will receive a certification of the Usui Reiki II Training Course.

Once your energy field is attuned to Reiki in Level II you have this healing ability for life and can use it at will with good intentions. As you begin to practice on yourself and others you will channel this thread of Reiki, flowing through your body and out through the palms of your hands. You will feel the warm tingling sensation of this healing energy. Every time you perform Reiki on others you will also be receiving the healing as well.

Due to the intimate nature of this healing course, space is limited to 8 people! Price is $175 and is used to save your spot when booking online. Please contact me to save your spot or you can sign up online at Infinity Yoga.